What is Android Q?

What is Android Q?

Messenger service is very fond of people and not even in India. The look is exactly what is on WhatsApp and Facebook. Recently, Facebook has made some changes to its messenger service, which has made it even faster and smarter.

The company launched the lite version of the Facebook Messenger service. Under this, Facebook’s Messenger service works better on 2G networks as well. At the same time, there is no need for an email ID to log in to the messenger service, but can also be logged by the mobile number. Next, we have mentioned 11 similar tips and tricks of the Facebook Messenger service, with the help of which you will be able to use it even better.

1. Big thumb: this is a desirable feature. You can send a big inch to someone in your chat, rather than just one light. It can be given to give thumb impression and to look good.

To send a big thumb to a chat, touch it on the thumb below for a while. This thumb will grow itself, and when it gets fully developed, then it will move a little bit. Leave it at that time; it will become a self.

2. Photo Magic: This is the new feature of Facebook. If you’ve updated your Facebook Messenger, then it will be available. This app makes photo sharing easier with your friends. This is magic. When you drag a friend’s photo with your phone’s camera, which is your Facebook friend, then you will get a notification that you can send that photo to your friends. All the friends who will be your Facebook friends in that photo will get all the warnings, and with just a click, that photo will go to the Facebook Messenger of all those friends. This Facebook Messenger service is fantastic.

This feature will be available in the photo and media by going to the setting of the Facebook Messenger. At the bottom, you will get the option of photo magic by clicking on it.

3. The message has been read or not: Facebook or WhatsApp; you can still find in Messenger that your letter has been read or not. As soon as you send the message, the word fast will stand in your messenger and message reading Facebook profiles will be a photo when you understand the news. In this way, you can find out whether Facebook messages have been read or not.

4. Facebook Web App: Like WhatsApp, you can also use the desktop version of Facebook Messenger. You can log in to the URL by typing in the Messenger dot com (http://messenger.com). If you are already logged in to Facebook, it will log in by itself or else you can log in with a mobile number or email id. In this web app of Facebook, you will find all the services available on mobile.


5. Share Location: In Facebook’s Messenger service you can share your location with friends. In a chat, you will find the option of the area below, your current position will arrive, and you can share your site with just one click from there. The first option was to give the opportunity to and from the Facebook Messenger, but now it is no longer. You can share the location; you must go to the settings of the phone to unlock the place.

6. Mute Conversation: Any converting can be muted during the Facebook chat. If you wish, you can soften someone contact for a while or complete convergence. To mute one of the conversions, you have to press the finger briefly on that contact, and the option of the quiet will be revealed.


If you want to mute all the conversions then first go to the settings of Facebook Messenger. Choose notification and sound from there. The above option will be given to cover warnings. With this, you will have time to come to the choice of time. You can choose the time you want to keep announcements for your needs.

7. Chat Head: In Facebook Messenger, when you are chatting with someone, there is also a circle on the chat screen on the home screen. This service is given to make the conversation more comfortable, but you can turn it off if you wish. You can go to Messenger’s settings and keep a chat head from there.

8. Sense and Notification: Facebook Messenger’s unique thing is that you can set the sound and notifications according to your needs. All these options will be available in Messenger & # 39; s settings in Sound & Notification. You can change the ringtone according to your needs.

9. Create Shortcut: If you talk too much to someone in FaceMonj, then you can keep it in shortcut also. This will bring the contact to your home’s home screen and start conversions with just one click.

10. Auto photo download: Facebook messenger service has been provided that the photos coming from Messenger will download themselves in the phone’s gallery. Whereas photos taken during the app will be available only in the photo gallery when you give your permission. In the setting of Facebook Messenger, the option of media and photos has been provided in it by letting both possibilities go. It will be saved on the phone’s gallery by Fata himself on the messenger. At the same time, if you take a photo in the Messenger app, it will be served in the gallery.

11. Unread Message: In Facebook Messenger, you can unread Mark like Gmail. Although there can not be any unread marks on a particular message, the contact must be unremarked. As soon as you have some finger on the connection, many options come out open. Downwards Mark will get unread.

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