How to make a drone

How to make a drone

Technology and science … both complement each other. As the world is moving forward in the field of technology, we see many new inventions of innovation that are not just our work…

Instead, the hours of work get completed in just a few seconds. A new technology, similar to today, is heard and seen yesterday, it is “Drone”.

Drone technology is developing very rapidly, they are also working on this field in different ways, and in just a few months or even years, this drone technology is going to give a lot to the world, all those hopes We do.

For some days I was researching the drone, so I did not see any article on the internet which could tell more about drones

So I’m excited to publish this article for all of you, and if you get to learn something, then by the comment, you will say

Droids are not just a type of air blowing device, but also good works are done, such as amazing photos and videos like space and sea and a special place such as the 26 January Rajpath parade, For the drone is also used.

There are also plenty of drones available in the market and quite a variety of different sizes.

You can also book online with the drones market, but many people want to do something new themselves, and for such people, I am posting this article “How to Make a Drone”.


1). Frame:

There are two ways to create a framework for drawing a drone, either by yourself or by purchasing it directly from the market.

A perfect quality frame can be found online in the market too easily.

And if you want to make it yourself, then you can use any metal, plastic or any 2.5-inch thick wooden board for lightweight.

2). Propellers:

Now the second important thing is petals. If you buy leaves only by the market, then it is better to make a cookie for yourself. First, you have to create a design from the AutoCAD; then you will be able to make it.

Remember that the petals are not of wood, they should be of steel that is best for your frame.

3). Motors:

If you are thinking of making a four-petted drone, then you have to take four motorcycles and eight engines for eight petals.

I would recommend to you a Brushless Motor which is not too heavy and there is no trouble in flight.

4). Electronic speed controller (ESC):

ESC is a device that controls the rotation direction and speed of the motor, and it is essential to make a drone.

This device not only provides a suitable voltage but also handles the maximum current of the motor.

The more you have the motor, the more you have to take from the ESC device market.

5). Connectors:

For connecting motor and ESC device interconnected with a 3.5mm three pin connector and 4.5 mm connector for main power distribution board.

Power distribution board connects ESC to the battery.

6). Batteries:

In most of the drones, Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) batteries are used only, because these batteries are light in weight and the other gives more power.

Remember that the battery should match the voltage of the output voltage motor. Otherwise, your engine will not run either, or if the voltage becomes high, it will get spoiled.

7). RC receiver:

Now you need a remote that has a transmitter and receiver you fit in the drone.

8). Camera:

If you want to take amazing photos from the moment while drowning, then yes, you also need a good camera which has to be mounted in the drone.

1). Design Frame:

You are making a drone of any other way, and it is necessary for everyone to have a frame.

You can use any metal, plastic, wood to make a frame.

If you want to make a wooden frame then 60cm Use long and 25-30mm thick wooden board.

Cut it into two equal parts and now prepare four rods that are of the same length. Make the holes to fit four rods in both plates too. Put a plate down and keep the four rods “X-shaped” on it and bolt it by closing the holes from the plate to the other.

2). Propellers, Motors and ESC:

Propellers, Motors and ESC are all essential part of the drone, so all of them are good purchases of quality.

When you buy these goods from the market, then according to the size of your drone, it should not be that the size of the drone is reduced and the size of the motor, the petals will be more significant.

If you recommend for the motor, then use the EMAX 935kv motor and use the 9 9 inch props for the propellers and EMAX 4in1 speed controllers for the ESC. You can also quickly get it from the market, and if you do not get it, then you can order online too.

3). Assemble motors:

Now you have to make holes in the drone frame according to the mounting holes of the engine so that all the four rods can mount the four motors well with the bolt.

Keep in mind that no motor should remain loose and should not be moved.

4). Also, mount ESC:

After mounting four motors well, now four mounted speed controllers also have to be installed. I would suggest you fit ESC devices at the bottom of the drone frame.

You have to use a cable tie to mount them well so that it does not move at the time of flight.

5). Landing Gear Fit:

After the flight, when you land the drone on the ground, it is necessary to mount the landing gear with the frame for it to not hit the ground directly.

You can also take a 6-inch diameter metal pipe and cut it into 1-2 inches length and fit the four rods on the frame.

If you do not want to use metal pipe, you can also take a strong plastic pipe.

6). Flight Controller:

Each drone has its controller, which can maintain both the direction and speed of its flight.

For this, you have two options, or you can buy the flight controller directly from the market or online or else design it yourself. Many devices like DJI Naza Lite, Ardupilot will also not have much trouble in the market with which you can use the flight controller.

7). Wireless Remote control system:

The remote system is used to control the drones so that you can signal the drone far away.

Futaba, Flysky etc. are available in the RC control system market.

8). Add Flight controller to a drone:

When you take the flight controller, now you have to mount it with a drone.

You can mount it in the upper part of the drone frame but keep in mind that any electronic component will not remain loose and you can use cable tie for it.
You can also place a sponge on the bottom of the flight controller, which will reduce the vibration effect.

9). Connect Flight controller, ESC & remote control:

Now you have to find all the connections of the ESC, flight controller correctly, and also connect it to the Remote Controller.

10). Test your drone:

Now, before starting the drone, look at everything thoroughly and all connections too.

If you want you can also create a small drone to check your remote control unit to check whether the remote is working correctly or not.

11). Start TakeOff:

This is a significant step. Once you are ready for the flight, check once again that the battery connections are tight or not, all components and parts are well mounted or not.

For the first flight, you have to take the drone to the open space, so that the drone does not collide with any wall and there is no loss of any kind.

Put the drone on the ground floor and keep the remote in your hand. First, let him start slowly at low speed and when there is no problem in the beginning, then increase the rate and slowly move it up in the air.

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