8 major differences in Saving Account and Current Account

8 major differences in Saving Account and Current Account

Before opening an account in any bank, it needs to be clear in your mind that which accounts we have to begin. What kind of bank account would be better according to your needs? Generally, two types of accounts are opened in the bank.

The first is the savings account and the other current account. Both these types of bank accounts have some advantages, and there are some disadvantages.

Today, we will tell you some differences in Savings and Current Bank Account, which will help you make the decision about which account you will need to open.

If a person does a job, small business, or any other work that wants to save some money by earning money and wants some interest on savings as well as investment, the savings account is best for that.

If an institution or person wants to open an account in which it has the complete freedom to deposit money in their mind or to send cash, current for them, i.e. current accounts are a better option. The existing account opens mostly people in business, government institutions or companies.



Everyone wants to save something from their hard earned money, which can be used in the future when needed. The first step that needs to be taken is to go to the bank and open the savings account. You can submit your savings to anyone at Saving Account. And when you can withdraw money from the deposit amount.

Anytime money can be withdrawn, sending money to someone, and paying your daily bills quickly can be done through a savings account. With Savings Account, you also get facilities like ATM Debit Card, Credit Card and Internet Banking, which make money transactions easier. Using credit card, you get Reward Points, Cashback and good discounts.

Your savings are safe in the savings account, and you get good interest in it. In your private or government bank, you get interested of 3 to 6% on savings which are not much, but there is not much option to give such attention without risk. Apart from this, you also get a reasonable interest rate without any risks on FD or Fix Deposit. Please read the below-given article to know about it in detail.


Current accounts are also a type of bank account in which you can use to deposit money and send money to someone. Existing accounts are primarily for those who have to send or order payment again and again. Those who wish to have no transaction limit in their mind. In such an account, you have to maintain a higher minimum balance than the savings account.

In Current Account, there is a facility to do unlimited transactions without any extra fee, but you do not get any interest on your savings.


There are some differences between these two types of food that you can know in detail below.

  1. Savings accounts are for those people who have to deposit in their savings account so that they can get away in time of need. The current account is for those who are currently required to pay daily
  2. The savings account has a limit on taking daily and monthly periods. To charge more than that limit, the bank takes some charge from you. Such a transaction limit is not on the current account. You can make unlimited transactions as many times as you like.
  3. In the current account, you do not get any interest on deposits, and you get interested in the rate of 3-6% per annum in the same savings account.
  4. Saving Account is made for the ordinary people, which is not much of the bank’s work. Deposits or withdrawals in the month or at an interval. In the current account, you get the freedom to take daily or repeated times.
  5. On opening the savings account to the account holder, a passbook is issued which updates your credit and withdrawals (debits) along with the date. The bank gives no passbooks in the current account.
  6. The facility of overdraft by the bank is available only on the Current Account. This facility is not available in Saving.
  7. To open a savings account, you do not need a lot of money in the beginning. Zero balance accounts are also open under the new scheme made by the Prime Minister. In the current mind, you have to open an account with more money.
  8. A savings account can get the maximum amount of money in their mind, as they are in their mind. More than the money in the current account, the funds can be taken from the bank. Later, when you deposit the money, the money will be deducted from the bank with interest.

Friends, today we know what the difference between savings and the current account is. Now you have to decide which account you have to open. Ask your questions related to Saving or Current Account in the comments box below.

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